Tuesday, November 9, 2010

veganmofo.2.1: Oden (part II)

After I mentioned the oden that I made last week, one of my friends asked me to teach her how to make and so we had a dinner date over the weekend. I basically followed the recipe from last time, but this time around I left out the potato and added some soba noodles 10 minutes before taking the stew off the heat. we also threw in some vegetable that looked like celery except the leaves were different and it tasted better than celery - a different variety, perhaps - and some chopped onion at the beginning instead of scallions at the end. It turned out just as good as last time!

This is an example of how I do food prep in my kitchen:

And the oden, served up and ready to be eaten:


  1. Angela, I am LOVING your mofo posts, even if they make me miss you and Japan so much. I was inspired by those nasty oden offerings at 7-11s when I was there to come home and make my own. It's such great cold-weather food!

  2. That oden looks awesome! You do so well with a small kitchen.

  3. I need to copy that setup. I live in a cramped dorm, so this actually inspires the heck out of me!

    Also, hi! I'm beat from PPK.

  4. You make such visually stunning foods! I miss you.