Monday, November 8, 2010

veganmofo.2.1: My Favourite Green Smoothie

Back home, I used to make overly-complicated smoothies. Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink smoothies. I think my usual was something like: 1 banana, 1/2 avocado, a huge handful of kale (sometimes some sprouts as well), some blueberries, some almond butter or tahini, ground flax, some hemp protein powder, and enough almond milk to make it smoothie-consistency.

Here, I can't be so elaborate with my smoothie, having so little space and all. At the most basic, it consists of a handful of spinach, 1 or 2 bananas, and water. That is the bare-bones minimum though. I have a smoothie most mornings for/with breakfast, and it satisfies the old sugar monkey quite nicely.

One morning this past weekend, my friend who lives down the hall had a nasty hangover and wanted a healthy, light breakfast, so I made an extra smoothie and gave it to her. This is the evidence mid-smoothie-making (I usually do blender stuff on the floor because the power cord for it is too short for my desk/counter):

And here is the finished smoothie, just before taking it over to my friend:

Ingredients: 1 handful of spinach, 1 1/2 banana, a couple of cubes of frozen mango, a big tablespoon of hemp seeds, and a mix of soymilk and water to make it smoothie-consistency.


  1. Your friend is so lucky! I only wish I could make someone bring me delicious vegan smoothies when I'm hungover (or just want a light breakfast)... I'm jealous! :)

  2. Awesome. I love hemp seeds in my smoothies too. :)

  3. Oh my goodness that looks delicious! It would definitely annihilate a hangover! The ones I make are dark green, almost brown... unappetizing in appearance... but this one... wow, that's a brilliant green!